Second Story Addition and Renovation

LOCATION: Mt. Lebanon, PA
STATUS: Completion in 2016

Everything was perfect, except for the house.

Our clients sought our services when they realized the housing stock in their most desired neighborhood was turning up limited options with homes not offering the necessary space to accommodate their family as a forever home. Checking off their boxes of must haves, we worked with the home owners to transform a single-story ranch to a two-story home nearly doubling the livable square footage.
Contingent on the client submitting an offer to purchase the home and time being of the essence, our team performed a walk-through with the client, and met to discuss vision and inspiration. We designed schematic drawings and renderings demonstrating that the physical expansion of a second level was possible. After the general contractor reviewed the schematic design and developed a cost-estimate, the feasibility of the project was established and the clients moved forward with an offer and eventual purchase of the home.

Expediting the project timeline, we utilized the time prior to the closing for design development– refining the floor plan and street-front facade of the home. A small and compartmentalized kitchen was relocated and expanded to serve as the main heart of the home.

The kitchen now serves as the connector between the dining and living rooms, offering stunning visuals and a layout conducive to the needs of the family who host dinner parties regularly. The clients have been enjoying guests gravitating towards the kitchen and spilling into the adjoining rooms as originally conceptualized, proving the plan as successful.

The existing stairs to the basement were flipped, and the new stairs to the second story addition allows for a grand, double-height entryway. In the new second story, two (importantly) equal-sized bedrooms with a shared bath were added. A master suite featuring a full bath, walk-in-closet, and laundry room were arranged to accommodate the owners both with privacy and easy connectivity.
When we held our initial design meeting, the wife had shared that her biggest dream was to sit on her porch swing and look out over her front yard. She now has her dream home and has happily fulfilled her vision.