Lilley Kitchen Renovation

LOCATION: Mt. Lebanon, PA
STATUS: Completed 2012

The Lilley family had been living with a small and inefficient kitchen buried under a mirage past renovations; non-functioning cabinets; insufficient storage space and outdated interior finishes not fitting with the original architectural character of the house. Without the resources to construct a new addition, the homeowners felt overwhelmed by spatial and design obstacles and were needed a creative solution to address the needs of their Mt. Lebanon home.

The Lilley's considered cabinet replacement and updated finishes, but believed that there was more that could be accomplished and reached out to qkArchitecture for solutions. 

To address the inefficient space, the design solution proposed installing concealed structural supports in order to remove the unused incinerator flue adjacent to the range.  This allowed for additional floor and counter space in addition to more wall space above the range for cabinets.

Additionally, to create more storage space and to better utilize the breakfast nook, qkArchitecture proposed the use of 12 inch high wall cabinets built up on a custom frame allowing the cabinets to serve as both a cozy seating nook and storage for small kitchen appliances.  Finally, the design called for the removal of the old cast-iron radiator, which was replaced with a European styled low profile radiator. 

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